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Ref: 6259

Scotland, The Celtic Society, silver medal hallmarked 1826 (awarded 1839), rare


Obv: a kilted Highlander stands facing in a glen, holding his claymore, a castle in the distance, thistle below him underneath which THE CELTIC SOCIETY, around top the Scots Gaelic legend CHA TREAG MI TRU (I will not forsake you)

Rev: engraved AWARDED / TO / Alexr Steele / DRUMOUR / Dunkeld / 20th March 1839

With suspension loop


Condition: a nice Good very fine

Diameter: 36mm

References: DW 115/120; C-P 148/50; Withers 1725

Notes: The Celtic Society of Edinburgh was founded in 1820 with the purpose of maintaining Highland customs and dress. Membership was also open to Lowlanders, and one of its first chairmen was the romantic novelist Sir Walter Scott. Cochran-Patrick says the building in the background is Dumbarton Castle. These medals are rare.


Price £175

Scotland, The Celtic Society, silver medal
Scotland, The Celtic Society, silver medal

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