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Ref: 5884

James (III) Stuart, The Treaty of Ryswick 1697 & the Legitimacy of the Jacobite Succession to the British Throne, bronze medal by N Roettier, 25mm,


Obv: bust left of James Stuart, title as Prince of Wales around


Rev: radiate sun, partially eclipsed, above a calm sea, CLARIOR E TENEBRIS (‘Light out of darkness’), 1697 in exergue

Condition: Extremely fine or nearly so, attractive chocolate colour; Diameter: 45mm


References: MI ii 193/501; E 374; Woolf 14:3


Notes: The Peace of Ryswick ended a 9-Year war between France and a Grand Alliance of various countries, including England. The deposed James II tried in vain to have his claim to the English throne acknowledged. The portrayal of his son James (later known as The Old Pretender) on this medal is to emphasise that it was a dynastic claim, not just that of James II.


Price £110

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