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Ref: 4941

France, “Danseuse” (Dancer) plaquette after Henri Dropsy, circa 1912, uniface brass, published by La Gerbe d‘Or (Golden Sheaf), Paris



Obv: A female dancer in fashionable dress to right in a medallion, Greek tragedy masks above to left and right



Condition: Very fine; Diameter: , 93x92mm


References: cf. Maier 299


Notes: La Gerbe d’Or was a jeweller and silversmith at 86 rue de Rivoli in Paris. According to Nicholas Maier, Dropsy was inspired for his depiction of the dancer by the rather unorthodox American Isadora Duncan.



Price £95

France, Danseuse, Dropsy medal

France, Danseuse, Dropsy1912 medal

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