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Ref: 2751

Italy, Philiberta of Savoy wife of Giuliani de Medici, cast and chased bronze medal by Antonio Selvi, early 18th Century


Obv: her veiled bust right, FILIBERTA A SABAVDIA IVLIANI MED NEMOVRS D VXOR (Philiberta of Savoy, wife of Giuliano de’ Medici Duke of Namours) around


Rev: Two doves above mirror and torch HONOR PVDORQ PRISCV above


Diameter: 79mm; Condition: Very fine, small piercing at 12 o’clock, rare


Reference: V&T 267


Notes: Philiberta of Savoy (1498-1524) married Giuliano de’ Medici, Duke of Nemours, in 1515, but he died in 1516. She was aunt of Francis I of France.




Price £110

Philiberta of Savoy renaissance medal

France Italy renaissance medal

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